Explain the HaramScore :

The HaramScore is a user-generated rating of a TV show, movie, or video game from 0 (zero) to 10. A low HaramScore indicates an entertainment title with very few adult themes. Conversely, a higher HaramScore is an entertainment title that contains more adult themes.

The ratings of a particular entertainment title are aggregated and displayed to the HaramScore user. HaramScore users in addition to providing their rating can provide short comments in their review. HaramScore users can also share their review within their social media circle.

Each HaramScore is represented by an icon that can quickly help HaramScore users identify a rating range for the entertainment title. The HaramScore icons known affectionately as "Haramee" are shown below:

   HaramScore from 0 to 1.9

   HaramScore from 2 to 4.9

   HaramScore from 5 to 6.9

   HaramScore from 7 to 8.9

   HaramScore from 9 to 10